Jewelry With A Story


Oh my gosh. Words cannot express how beautiful this ring is. Spectacular. Thank you!


These rings are amazing. I just ordered my 4th!!! They are unique and so fun.


I am in love with this ring. I never take it off. It is so unique, and I love that it is made from an antique spoon! I will be ordering from this shop again!


This is one of the most gorgeous pieces of jewelry I have ever owned!! I never would have thought a spoon could be this dainty and beautiful! I’m so glad I didn’t miss this one! Thank you so much!


Perfect ring...more beautiful than you can imagine...thank you!!! 


Our Pop-Up Shop

Rosie is our 1957 vintage pink traveling pop-up shop. Every month you can find her in a new location showcasing nothing but your favorites from Dora Lou. Stay tuned to see where she'll be popping up next! #followrosie

Meet Rosie

Our Pop-Up Shop

Based in Portland Oregon, stay tuned to see where Rosie will be popping up next.