Q- Do You Ship Internationally?

A- Yes! International orders can take anywhere from 1-8 weeks for delivery. Domestic orders are shipped via USPS and can take 1-7 business days to reach its destination.


Q- How Do I Find My US Ring Size, If I Am Ordering From A Different Country?

A- Use this international ring size conversion chart.


Q- If The Ring Doesn't Fit, Can I Return It?

A- It's very important to find out your accurate ring size before placing an order! Each and every piece is cut and handcrafted to custom fit, so please do not guess or roughly estimate the size when confirming your order. If you want to purchase a piece from Dora Lou before it sells out, but are not positive on what size to order, we ask that you contact us via hello@doralou.com. It is much easier to put your order on hold, than it is to make a huge jump in sizing. Once you are able to confirm an accurate size, we will begin crafting your special piece.  

If you have placed your order with your accurate ring size and your ring does not fit perfectly, we always ask that you send it back so that we can make any needed adjustments to ensure that it fits correctly. *Do not attempt to tighten or loosen the ring yourself, and never take it to a different jeweler. These collectibles require a specific and experienced handling, and they can easily be damaged if not adjusted properly. Please contact us regarding any adjustments needed, and instructions will be emailed to you on how to send it back. You will not be charged for your sizing adjustment.


Q- How Long Does It Take For An Order To Process And Ship?

A- Because these pieces are individually handmade to custom fit, processing times vary between 7-14 days before your order is shipped.


Q- What Makes A Dora Lou Ring Different From The Other Spoon Rings Ive Seen Out There?

A- Each silver pattern is hand chosen, researched and diligently searched for. Sometimes it will take months or even a year to find one silver spoon from a specific pattern. Hillary hand selects her collection for different reasons, usually because of their story and because they are incredibly rare. Of course a piece has to be stunning as well. In addition, we silver solder each piece so that every ring is a perfect connected circle. A true ring and not just a bent spoon. Combine that with love and tenderness and you've got yourself something more than just a spoon ring. 


Q- How can I trust that my ring is authentic?

A- Authenticity is the foundation of collecting here at Dora Lou. You can read more here to understand the process we take to ensure we aren't selling you something that is fake. If you have more questions, we want you to reach out and ask away!


Q- I Have Had Problems In The Past With My Finger Turning Green. Will That Happen Again?

A- If you have had problems in the past with sterling silver turning your finger green, then you most likely will still have that issue. When your skin turns green after wearing a certain piece of jewelry, its due to the acidity levels in your skin that react with the chemical make up of the metal. If in the past you have only had problems with silver-plated jewelry and not with sterling silver, then you should be fine unless you are ordering a silver plated piece of jewelry. Upon request for those with metal sensitivities, we are happy to apply a permanent clear coating on the inside of the ring to create a barrier between the metal and your skin.


Q- I Have A Special Spoon That Belonged To My Grandmother That I Would Love Turned Into Jewelry. Do You Take Custom Orders?

A- Please note that there is always a small risk you run when bending any kind of precious metal. It very rarely happens, but it is possible. For more information and to see if we are currently taking custom orders, please contact us at hello@doralou.com.