Dora Lou only uses antique sterling silver which is silver of 92 1/2 percent purity (unless otherwise noted in description). With proper care, your silver will retain its beauty and shine for generations to come.


The Silver Rule

Oxidation (also known as tarnish) is a natural behavior for sterling silver. However, sterling silver that is regularly worn, tends to oxidize much slower than if rarely worn. Because of this, we recommend you wear your silver, daily!


We recommend using a quality brand of silver cream. Begin by using a soft sponge and rubbing the piece gently but firmly, applying the cream all over the silver. Once covered, rinse thoroughly in warm sudsy water. Immediately dry and buff using a soft cloth. We do not recommend using Electrolytic cleaning.

Enhancing The Details

To enhance the details of a sterling silver piece, sometimes blackening of the crevices is performed. This is called burnishing and has the sole purpose of making those decorative details pop. We do not recommend any attempt to try this at home. We do recommend you contact us, if you are interested in this method. Regularly cleaning and polishing of your silver will not remove any burnishing that is applied.