Quality & Trust

Spoon rings have been around for quite some time, but rings made by Dora Lou are a little extra special. We follow a specific criteria before collecting and repurposing every piece available.

Each piece of silver must:

  • Display original sterling silver markings on the piece itself.
  • Undergo quality inspection to ensure the piece is in excellent condition.
  • Undergo inspection to ensure the piece is not a replica or fake.
  • Be classified as antique (100 years or older) or vintage (50 years or older).
  • Be identified by:    
             1. Pattern name
             2. Pattern series (if any)
             3. Year the pattern was released
             4. Manufacturer
             5. How rare the pattern is                  
*All of these specifications must be determined before being made available for purchase on DoraLou.com, unless clearly stated. It is these facts that make each ring by Dora Lou, heirloom quality and a true collectible.
Each sterling silver ring is silver soldered to ensure stability and makes for a true ring that won't bend or break. Each piece is repurposed and created to be treasured for generations to come, which is why you will find that our work is certainly more than just a spoon ring.



More on markings:

The markings can be displayed anywhere from the bottom of the bowl to the middle of the handle, depending on the manufacturer and time period. We do our very best to preserve these markings when crafting your ring. However, please note: Depending on where the piece needs to be cut for your specified size, determines where / if the markings will be visible on your ring. If you have any questions we want to answer them! Please feel free to contact us at hello@doralou.com.