Determining Size

Each and every Dora Lou ring is made from an antique collectible, and many are extremely rare and difficult to find. Because of that, it is very important to find out your accurate ring size before placing your order. Each and every piece is cut and handcrafted to custom fit, which is why it is important to not guess or roughly estimate a size. If you want to purchase a piece from Dora Lou before it sells out, but are not sure on what size to order, please contact us at, or in the comment section available on your online order form. It is much easier for both of us to put your order on hold, than it is to make a huge jump in sizing, later on. Once you are able to confirm an accurate ring size, we will begin crafting your special piece.  

The most accurate way to find your ring size, is to visit your local jeweler and have them measure your  finger. It's free and only takes a few minutes. 


It is really important to Dora Lou that not only are our customers and collectors happy with their ring, but that their ring fits perfectly and comfortably. If you have ordered using your accurate ring size and your ring does not fit perfectly, we ask that you send it back to us so that we can make any needed adjustments to ensure that it fits correctly.

Do not attempt to tighten or loosen the ring yourself, and never take it to a different jeweler. These collectibles require a specific and experienced handling, and they can easily be damaged if not adjusted properly. Please contact us regarding any adjustments needed, and instructions will be sent to you on how to send it back for adjustments to be made. You will not be charged for your adjustment.

International Sizing

When placing an order with Dora Lou, select your US ring size. Use this chart to convert if you do not know your US ring size.