Dainty Poppy
Dainty Poppy

Dainty Poppy

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This lovely floral pattern with delicate artistry has been repurposed to be worn, loved and adored by many.

Consider this ring an investment piece. Like wine (and men), this piece grows in value and gets better with time. So you won't have to worry about this ring ever going out of style. You only have to worry about who you will pass it down to when your days are done. Until then, wear it and cherish it and dream about the history, and stories this little spoon has experienced. Not to mention watch how envious all your friends become.


-Sterling silver.
-Made from the handle of a formal demitasse spoon (think fancy).
-Widest point measures 3/8 of an inch.
-Repurposed using a technique tailored specifically to this pattern.
-Individually made to custom fit.
-Silver soldered to create a never-ending circle and a true ring that won't bend or break.
-Will arrive shiny and neatly enveloped in a signature ring box.

Each individual ring is made to order and made to custom fit. Just select your accurate ring size and let the anticipation of the mail man begin.Information on finding your accurate size can be found here.

Dainty Poppy
Dainty Poppy